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Published Works

Nocturne – Wayman’s Sky

Alfred Wayman is an enigma: solitary, strange and with no past. All that is known of him is his hatred of falsehood and obsession with the night sky.
Friends and enemies speculate on his character and history; some aiming to understand him, others to destroy him. In doing so they reveal their stories and the loves, hates, jealousies and rivalries that make them who they are.
Wayman thrives in darkness, but every night must come to an end and the night-creature must face the triumph of the light

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The CRossword Solver

The Crossword Solver is concerned with an aspect of community life that has vanished lately – going to the pub! It follows the stories of a group of regulars at ‘The Bat and Ball’ in an unnamed town where the bulldozers – literal and metaphorical – are poised to change everything.

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Also available from Waterstones and Hive

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A Mirror

Eight short stories

A dissident under threat; a man trapped within himself; a teenager who wants to destroy all music and start again; a dying man; a dying town; a child trying to tell truth from lies; a short history of war – and the lender of last resort.

Eight portraits of the fight against the tide.

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My Life In Receipts

Charting a life spent lost in numbers, is My Life in Receipts a memoir? Too fictionalised. A novella? Too close to the truth.
All too recognisable? YES!

From chanting times-tables and unlearning old money to discovering the sinking schoolroom ‘Maths Feeling’ that ends a child’s ambitions to be a ‘scientist’. From the promissory note of student days to the hard times of the dole giro. From the exuberance of the first wage packet to the pleasures and limits of being able to pay your way … My Life in Receipts plunges you into the world of bags full of threatening letters, intimidating bailiffs, bankruptcy, eviction – even imprisonment.

Revealing the lives of people in a perpetual cost-of-living crisis, and the work of those who help them fight to reclaim their lives, this is a dark, original, and tragi-comic exploration of the past, the future, money, debt: whether to flee, whether to fight. There are some victories, some routs – and, along the way, thoughts on electronic train tickets too.

Andrew Dutton will make you laugh out loud, scream with righteous anger, and, most of all, make you think.

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The Beauty of Chell Street

Will the past never leave
the present in peace?

Did you learn family tales at your grandmother’s knee? Just harmless old stories. But what of the reality behind them?

The Beauty of Chell Street is the story of a family dominated by its own poisonous mythology; one which outlives them all.

Nora Wilson endlessly recounts the story of her betrayal by her husband, Sam, during her heyday as the incomparable Beauty of Chell Street. Her demands to a lost God for Sam’s damnation become her only life force.

Long after their deaths, when their great-granddaughter, Francine, discovers old pictures of Nora and Sam, their story obsesses her. As she collects the past, Francine is as single-minded as Nora and as ruthless as Sam. Can she even cheat time and death to get to the people who knew Nora and Sam?

As betrayal weaves its way through turnabout time periods and Francine assembles her evidence, the story is told again and again into Francine’s old age while the image of Nora remains frozen, looking out from the photograph that started it all, forever the beauty of Chell Street.

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