Andrew Dutton has been writing since the early 2000s and has previously published ‘A Mirror’, an e-book of short stories. His work often explores the lives of those at ‘the bottom of the pile’ reflecting years of work with people on low incomes and in serious debt. Born in Newcastle, Staffs, he now lives in Derbyshire and draws inspiration from the night sky, cats, music and walks with his partner and their beloved Labrador.

My first book was published last year

Nocturne Wayman's Sky book cover image

Nocturne – Wayman’s Sky

Alfred Wayman is an enigma: solitary, strange and with no past. All that is known of him is his hatred of falsehood and obsession with the night sky.

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The Crossword Solver

The new novel is concerned with an aspect of community life that has vanished lately – going to the pub! It follows the stories of a group of regulars at ‘The Bat and Ball’ in an unnamed town where the bulldozers – literal and metaphorical – are poised to change everything.

Kindle edition is available from Amazon 

Also available from Waterstones and Hive


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