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Andrew Dutton Writer!

Andrew Dutton has been writing since the early 2000s and has previously published ‘A Mirror’, an e-book of short stories. His work often explores the lives of those at ‘the bottom of the pile’ reflecting years of work with people on low incomes and in serious debt. Born in Newcastle, Staffs, he now lives in Derbyshire and draws inspiration from the night sky, cats, music and walks with his partner and their beloved Labrador.

Andrew’s debut novel, Nocturne: Wayman’s Sky, and three other novels, The Crossword SolverMy Life in Receipts and The Beauty of Chell Street are also published by Cinnamon Press.

LATEST BOOK Natasha [Redacted]

Welcome-welcome-welcome-welcome to Being Young! And to the inner life and internet ragepage of Natasha {Redacted]. Her first name is all you’re getting: there are too many haters, trolls, and stupid adults out there.Iffen you understand me then you’ve picked up the rhythm of my heartbeat and maybe you’re a friend. But that means you’re a potential danger too, if you get too close and you know too much – be careful.

Original, compelling and moving, Natasha [Redacted] is a coming-of-age story that charts the costs of trying to survive in the poisonous jungle that is ‘growing up’. Family breakdown, friends who turn out to be anything but friends, parents and their love interests who want bland conformity above all else, Internet wars and real-world violence populate Natasha’s Internet ‘ragepage’. And we see Natasha too though her self-appraising ‘sleevenotes’, penned some unknown time after the events that she describes.

At the end of it all, has she grown up?
Will you like the answer anymore than Natasha does?

Whatever the answer—if you’ve ever loved music with a matchless passion, wanted to form a band and play a gig on the Moon, you could be the friend that Natasha is waiting for.

Available from Cinnamon Press and Amazon

Natasha redacted book cover